Sex Dolls and coronavirus covid 19

Sex Dolls & Coronavirus Covid 19 - 5 Reasons to Get a Sex Doll.

Coronavirus (aka Covid-19) has been declared a pandemic and there is not a single roll of toilet paper on earth! Here are 5 reasons why now is the time to get yourself a sex doll...
Top 10 Sex Doll Elf / Elves

Top 10 Most Amazing Sex Doll Elves

Whether you call them Elven, Dalish, Altmer, Bosmer, Dunmer or just plain-old Elves. Elves are a fantasy staple and they're here to stay. Here's the World's Top 10 Sex Doll Elves.
Buying your first sex doll?

5 Things I Wish I Knew... Before Buying My First Sex Doll

A must-read for any new doll owners to-be... Get the knowledge and buy wisely, there are hundreds of disreputable dealers that are selling fake or knock-off dolls...
A brief history of sex dolls

A (very) Brief History Of Sex Dolls... Where did they come from?

Let’s face it, when most people hear the word “sex doll” their mind jumps to those early 1970s inflatable blow-up dolls, you know the ones. Thankfully, times have changed...
<strong>The Rise (And Fall?) Of Sex Doll Brothels</strong> 

The Rise (And Fall?) Of Sex Doll Brothels 

Are sex doll brothels knocking down walls for an industry which is on the precipice of taking off, or are they merely unsustainable businesses doomed to fail? In a world where buying a fully customizable sex doll is just a click away, how can brothels that focus on dolls even compete?
<strong>Piper Dolls Manga & Anime Style Sex Dolls | Mizuwali  Interview </strong>

Piper Dolls Manga & Anime Style Sex Dolls | Mizuwali Interview

This is the first part of our interview with Piper designer & photographer - Mizuwali. We truly learned something about the sex doll business and Piper Doll through this conversation.
EAN Magazine Interview with Silicone Lovers Sex Dolls

EAN Magazine Interview with Silicone Lovers Sex Dolls

The Silicone Lovers sex doll philosophy with our recent interview with well know adult magazine EAN. Find out what a verified sex doll vendor really thinks...
Sex Doll Silicone Head

Why Are Realistic Sex Dolls Becoming So Popular?

You will quickly realise that it’s not just about sex, but it’s also very much about being creative and imaginative. Sex dolls are as much a hobby as classic cars, and in the same way that you have car shows where people admire the way a machine has been perfectly designed and built, the exact same thing goes on with dolls. 
How to Fix & Repair a TPE Sex Doll with Video Guide

How to Fix & Repair a TPE Sex Doll with Video Guide

Accidentally damaged your sex doll? Do not fear... Almost all cosmetic damage is fixable to some degree, we'll get you back on the road in no time! Check out these video guides.
The Future of Sex Robots

The Future of AI Sex Robots.

We were recently asked or views on the sex robot industry and to what extent are we involved? Let's just say, we're excited about the future... Read the full Daily Star interview here.