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This is the NEW Summer 2019 JY Doll 161cm body with head 175

What a stunner! This little beauty is off to a great start, she's already hugely popular and we can see why! That body is just amazing! What absolutely perfect proportions, JY have really out-done themselves on this beauty, we are absolutely gob-smacked. 

JY Dolls - Specifically known for their beautiful face designs and elegant bodies. They produce high-quality, beautifully handcrafted sex dolls to an exceptional standard, for a very reasonable price. For the biggest bang for your buck, JY Dolls are the answer... 

Like all our dolls, JY Dolls are handcrafted and made to order. Choose from a variety of TPE grades, all specifically developed to increase the longevity and durability of their sex dolls.  

The dolls have a fully posable metal skeleton that gives the doll both strength and flexibility which can be upgraded to their premium skeleton to allow for a higher range of motion in all the right places... 

Fully customisable to your exact specifications at no extra cost (select custom made). Customise your our perfect doll today, she's just a few clicks away... 


Doll Specifications:

Head: 175
161 cm 
Weight: 35kg
Neck: 28 cm | 11.0 inch
Shoulder Breadth: 
35 cm | 13.8 inch
Arm Length: 
45 cm | 17.7 inch
Palm Length: 
16 cm | 6.3 inch
Leg Length: 
79 cm | 31.1 inch
Foot Length: 
21 cm | 8.3 inch
Full Bust: 
90 cm 
Under Bust: 
58 cm | 22.8 inch
43.8 cm | 17.24 inch
88 cm | 34.6 inch
Oral Depth: 
12 cm | 4.7 inch
Vaginal Depth: 
16 cm | 6.3 inch
Anal Depth: 
14 cm | 5.5 inch
Material: TPE


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