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YL 170cm D Cup / 5ft 6 / 37kg / 81.5lbs / Head 220

Tala is 170cm tall, she is a perfectly proportioned love doll, she's a supermodel of sex dolls, the creme de la creme.

Her skin is velvety-smooth & soft, she has perfect large jiggly breasts (D Cup) and a beautiful curvaceous body. Her skin is tanned and her lips are juicy and succulent. Her bum is perfectly round and her legs are long and sexy. She loves to have fun and she wants to stay up all night, with you! Squeeze and spank to your heart's content.

Tala is a high-quality sex doll made from TPE (Thermo Plastic Elastomer), it’s both non-hypoallergenic and eco-friendly, specifically developed to increase durability and longevity and attributes to her soft authentic feel. She has an articulated, posable metal skeleton that gives her flexibility and strength.

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